Where will the 10 proposed marijuana farms in Ohio be located of the proposed amendment that may be on the November ballot is approved?

Here is a list of the locations in Ohio by community, county and number of acres:

1. Middletown (Butler County): 40.4 acres on two parcels are listed in county records without an address along Yankee Road and Todhunter Road, west of Interstate 75. Butler County is just north of Cincinnati.

2. Union Township (Clermont County): 13.3 ares on two parcels listed in county records without an address along Ohio 32 and Winding Creek Boulevard. Clermont County is just east of Cincinnati. The area listed is about three miles east of Interstate 275.

3. Jackson Township (Franklin County): 19.2 acres on a parcel listed in county records without an address along Seeds Road. The area is just southeast of Columbus, south of Interstate 270 and east of Interstate 71.

4. Anderson Township (Hamilton County): 24.5 acres on a parcel listed in county records without an address along Broadwell Road. The area is just east of U.S. 50 and a couple miles west of Interstate 275, near Cincinnati.

5. Pataskala (Licking County): 35 acres at 6197 Mink St. Licking County is just east of Columbus. The parcel is a couple miles east of Interstate 270 and north of Interstate 70.

6. Lorain (Lorain County): 76.8 acres on the portions of two larger parcels at 2610 Colorado Ave. (Ohio 611), near Cromwell Park and the Black River. The listed property owner is the city of Lorain.

7. Toledo (Lucas County): 28.5 acres on the northern side of Toledo, just south of Michigan. The property address is 6070 Hagman Road, west of Interstate 75 and within a few hundred feet of Michigan.

8. Moraine (Montgomery County): 50.8 acres on a parcel at 2477 Soldiers Home-West Carrollton Road in the Dayton suburb of Moraine. This is near the Possum Creek MetroPark, on the southern edge of Dayton and about a mile west of Interstate 75.

9. Alliance (Stark County): 27.2 acres in the eastern side of Alliance. County records do not list a specific street address, rather just Main Street. The parcel is about 10 miles northeast of Canton.

10. Hudson (Summit County): 29 acres at 6333 Hudson Crossing Parkway, located just northeast of the intersection of Ohio 8 and 303 (West Streetsboro Road). Hudson Crossing Parkway is across from the Christ Community Chapel on the western edge of Hudson.