To the Editor:

So how come? I’ve lived near Mt. Gilead for a big chunk of my life and I like it here. Of course, things happen in the neighborhood which I don’t understand. Some questions are trivial, some are not. Some questions frustrate me and I thought I’d “share.”

How come, over Memorial Day, with as many visitors in our town and parades, etc. the fountain on the Square wasn’t turned on until the day after? It’s a pretty asset to the center of town.

How come gas is regularly 20 cents more than the towns around us?

How come we read in the Sentinel so much news happening in the towns around us and so little about Mt. Gilead?

How come we put lots of money into building new school buildings which start out being too small for our school programs and events?

Thanks for letting me air a few of my frustrated wonderings.

Mrs. Erin Heimlich

Mt. Gilead