MG Genealogical Society hosts Annual First Families Awards luncheon

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Mount Gilead Genealogical Society held it’s Annual First Families Awards luncheon at the Edison Depot.

It is the 30th year this luncheon has been held and since its beginnings in 1986, 590 ancestors have been proven.

This year four new candidates were recognized. Robert Stebbin from Corpus Christi, Texas proved three Sherman ancestors.

Joyce Ann Campbell Vanatter proved four Dudley ancestors. Donna Ufferman proved 2 Earl ancestors and Robert T Emrick proved one Ferguson ancestor.

The speaker, Rick Jones, shared World War II stories from local veterans. The veterans whose stories he shared were John Bartlett, William Baldwin, Charles Chapman, Alfred Holt, Delbert Moore, George Vanderkoi, Cecil Denton, Ernie Goff and Walter Williams.

Courtesy photo photo

Staff report