Whetstone Industries participant proud of progress

Staff report

Courtesy Photo Red Curry shows the basket he produced that was donated to the Gleaners last year.

Red Curry is a compassionate and caring young man, as well as a successful member of Whetstone Industries.

After completing high school in Mount Gilead, Curry moved from his foster home into a shared living arrangement and currently enjoys sharing his home with two other adults.

He is not afraid of hard work outside and enjoys helping to maintain the exterior of his home; he even looks forward to shoveling the snow.

Red starting attending Whetstone Industries in March of 2015 and after completing his assessment period decided he enjoyed the Furniture Factory/Weavers department best.

Red has benefited from working with many different craft techniques and has made several beautiful baskets this past year. He was pleased and honored to craft a basket that was then donated to the Chester Arbor Gleaners organization as a small token of appreciation for all they have done for Whetstone.

This past year we received a very generous gift from our community members Ted and Phyllis Noggle of all of the supplies to start exploring ceramics. Red has successfully cast and cleaned several pieces of green ware and then applied the glaze coating to the bisque ware. He was pleased to be able to create a gift for a loved one that was a unique and personalized gift.

Red is part of the custodial crew and has the responsibility of being part of the team that cares for the Lubrication Specialties building.

He is insightful and is able to express his opinions and understanding of things and has been instrumental in helping the County Board to revise the way that we document on the daily documentation for all of the individuals.

And has also been actively involved in offering ideas of activities he would like to do while at Whetstone and helping to plan and carry those ideas out.

Red is building relationships with many of his peers and is usually very observant and considerate of other’s needs. He has been described by his peers as a good friend that is generous, funny, truthful, helpful and friendly. Curry is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and has an honorable personality that shows respect for the others around him.

He has also been an athlete on the volleyball team and bowls with the Whetstone Cougars. It has been a pleasure to build a working relationship with Red and to have the opportunity to learn from him and his views of the world around him.

Whetstone Industries is a not-for-profit corporation that provides sheltered employment, enclave vocational opportunities, and adult day services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Morrow County.

Courtesy Photo

Red Curry shows the basket he produced that was donated to the Gleaners last year.

http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2016/01/web1_Red-1-.jpgCourtesy Photo

Red Curry shows the basket he produced that was donated to the Gleaners last year.

Staff report