Morrow County Sheriff Reports

Aug. 14-15

Unruly, Road 21, Westfield Township.

Suspicious vehicle, Road 29, Congress Township.

Aug. 16-17

Suspicious person, Road 20, North Bloomfield Township.

Threats/harassment, Road 11, Cardington Township.

Animal call, Road 24, Lincoln Township.

Theft, State Route 61, Cardington Township.

Domestic, Road 15, Peru Township.

Suspicious person, State Route 309, Washington Township.

Stolen vehicle, Road 187, Harmony Township.

Aug. 18-20

Theft, Road 24, Lincoln Township.

Breaking and Entering, Road 47, Troy Township.

Breaking and Entering, Road 30, Gilead Township.

Suspicious vehicle, State Route 95/Rod 176, Chester Township.

Domestic, Road 13, South Bloomfield Township.

Domestic, State Route 95, Canaan Township.

Suspicious person, Marengo.

Vandalism, Road 123, Harmony Township.

Trespassing complaint, Road 108, Franklin Township.

Domestic, State Route 746, Westfield Township.

Suspicious persons, State Route 314, Franklin Township.

Domestic, Road 57, Washington Township.

Accident, Roads 24 & 15, Peru Township.

Domestic dispute, Fulton.

Domestic dispute, Road 76, Congress Township.

Domestic, State Route 95, Gilead Township.

Juvenile complaint, Roads 40 & 49, North Bloomfield Township.

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