4190 State Route 229, Matthew and Jill Hunter to Howard and Christa Bowling, $205,000.

4091 Township Road 21, Jason and Amber Murfield to Todd and Norma Wilcox, $288,000.

855 State Route 61, Wennie and Rodney Earwood to Morrow Meadows Development, Inc., $735,000.

3802 State Route 229, Kevin and Kellie Squires to Tad L. Hunter II, $189,999.

4940 Township Road 211, William Dodds to Earl Ray and Vicky Farmer, $311,075.

Township Road 211, Bruner Land Company Inc., to Do Toan and Oanh Tran, $45,500.

1309 County Road, 170, Rebekah Hanson to Roger Wilson, $121,153.

4177 Township Road 138, Roger A. Jury II to John and Sara Shade, $237,000.

235 W. Main St., Cardington, James and Judy Higgins to Scott Lover, $42,000.

203 Water St., Cardington, Amy Jo Adams to Naveed Sadaqat, $118,000.

3020 Township Road 190, Kendra Cook to Heartland Resort & Lodge, $325,000.

3587 Quarry St., Chesterville, VTM Ltd. to Joshua Carothers and Sheena Bateman, $23,000.

6602 Township Road 29, Larry Kearns and Lisa Timmons to Chad and Heather Long, $165,000.

52 Lot, Mount Gilead, Arnold Deel to James Davis and Rachel Trego, $80,000.

77 Lot, Mount Gilead, Kenneth and Linda Hotchkiss to William and Melissa Smith, $105,000.

Lots 262-265, Mount Gilead, Andrew and Helen Dech to Robert and Stephanie Gerlach, $300,000.

Lots 285-287, Kenneth Robinson to Benjamin and Dana Smith, $185,000.

Lot 314, Mount Gilead, David Falk to Suzanne Merchant, $125,000.

Lot 54, Mount Gilead, Richard and Sue Heffelfinger to Lindsay McKinley-Day, $4,600.

4093 State Route 14, Mount Gilead, Judith Garverick to Alyson Lanning, $63,000.

5403 County Road 110, Mount Gilead, Benjamin and Dana Smith to Victor Osborne, $202,500.

169 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Robert and Darlene McElroy to CL Conant Company Ltd., $175,000

245 Lincoln Ave., Mount Gilead, John Kerschner to Mark and Elizabeth Clemons, $107,700.

3960 Township Road 124, Andrew and Lisa Adkins to Kana Properties LLC, $86,200.

5976 County Road 37, Galion, Elsa Howman to Todd and Kelly Schroeder Farms LLC, $468,000.

5875 Township Road 92, DBL Homes LLC to Craig Matthews, $128,000.

7358 State Route 314, Shauck, Jeffrey and Marsha Sommers to Peter Bruner, $87,000.

3799 State Route 229, Marengo, Michael and Ashley Jodrey to Alexandria Horn, $168,000.

State Routes 229/314, Tony and Cynthia Sykes to Clifton Burke, $35,000.

7921 County Road 21, Cynthia Hammond to Mark and Susannah Annis, $285,000.

7321 Township Road 49, Thomas and Terry Ruckman to Robert Lee Fuhrer Jr., $360,000.

6891 County Road 37, U.S. National Bank Association to Michael Swanger, $61,000.

285 Township Road 158, Ashley, Decision Ltd. to Sarah Hale and Derek Miller, $199,900.

3354 State Route 746, Cardington, Todd and Jamie Etgen to Karen Hart, $42,500.

Source: Morrow County Auditor