Commissioners request cost comparison for MCTC Transportation facility

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Alberta Stojkovic | The Sentinel Part of the present facilities of MCTC on County Road 9 south of Edison.

There were many questions raised concerning a new Morrow County Transportation Collaborative (MCTC) transportation facility on State Route 42 near the sheriff’s office.

To answer those questions, Morrow County Commissioners decided at their Sept. 10 meeting to get a cost estimate on expanding and improving the present MCTC location on County Road 9 south of Edison.

The initial estimate of the cost for development of the site and new building on State Route 42 is between $1 and $2 million.

The current MCTC cash balance is $900,000 with current revenue of $1,000,000.

MCTC manager, Tim Maceyko and Job and Family Services Director, Don Wake stated that more study is needed to make a cost comparison between building a new facility and making improvements at the present MCTC site on County Road 9.

“Everyone here knows where I stand. For long term plans, the best location is there (near the Sheriff’s office on SR 42.), Commissioner Dick Miller said. “And that’s the best place to bring all those (transportation) facilities together for the most efficiency for our growing county.”

When asked about the sewer needs for the County Road 9 location, Mike Williamson of Terrain Evolution said that there is now only a septic system there.

A new 70 – 80,000 gal septic tank would be needed or a sewer line to the site would be needed.

He added that the fact that it is a flat site will make a difference since the State Route 42 sits is on a hill.

It was also discussed that county records from several county offices and departments are being stored in several rental locations at a cost of $500 to $1,000 or more per month. Space for those records could be planned for the new building at no rental cost.

Architect, Jim Brucker said he would inquire what record storage costs and numbers are at present so that can be calculated into the savings cost at the new site.

Commissioner Tom Whiston asked what length of time those records are required to be kept by law. With some scanning and cut back of documents, it might be possible to trim down the need for some of that storage space.

“It’s prudent to look at present facilities cost of improvement before going ahead with a new building,” Whiston said.

He added that it is also the cost of maintenance and financial feasibility that needs to be looked at. He noted that the county is set to lose almost half a million dollars in state revenue cuts next year. It needs to be understood how that will affect the budget and spending.

Miller asked Brucker and Williamson to research the costs for improvement at the County Road 9 MCTC site as soon as possible so that commissioners can compare costs and make a decision on how to go forward.

Alberta Stojkovic | The Sentinel Part of the present facilities of MCTC on County Road 9 south of Edison. Stojkovic | The Sentinel Part of the present facilities of MCTC on County Road 9 south of Edison.

By Alberta Stojkovic

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