Pie auction big draw at Farm Days

By Evelyn Long

August 12, 2014

A total of $2100 was generated when the pie auction was held during Farm Days.

There were 12 pies sold. First place pie, a pecan, was baked by Kyle Wert and purchased for $175 by the Morrow County Republicans including Pat Davies, candidate for Morrow County Auditor and by Dan Osborne

The second place pie, a Blueberry-Raspberry, was baked by Anatra Snyder and purchased for $225 by John and Bev Axthelm. This money was donated to the Snyder Nation Foundation.

Third place pie, a peach, was baked by Makayla Bush and purchased for $200 by Kyle Wert and the fourth place pie, a blackberry, baked by Donna Osborn, was purchased for $125 by the Mount Gilead Masonic Lodge 206.

They donated this pie back for another bidding and sale. Representing the Lodge were Ned Goff, Tom Geyer and Joe Lloyd.

Others baking pies included Rachel Bush, Hannah Bush, Vickie McKinney, Amy Blacker, Pam Fraizer, Jonda Axthelm, Kyle Holcomb and Janeen Wert.

Janeen’s pie was resold and the money was donated back to the MCATEA in honor of Barb and Dave Wert.

The pie baked by Kyle Holcomb was resold nine times.

In addition to those named, others buying pies included North Star Concessions (3); Full of Bologna Concession (2); Mike Bush, Ray Van Horn, Creswell, Strain and Peak Auctioneers, Morrow County Veterans, Dwight Murphy, Melissa Fraizer, Jennifer Burnaugh, Attorney, Roger Bachelder of Valley View Farms, Jerry Jagger and Mark and Pat Fraizer.

A portion of the money generated from the pie auction was given to Snyder Nation Foundation and $100 was donated to the Pelotonia Bike Tour, both for cancer research. Riding in the Pelotonia was Dave Burnaugh of Mt Gilead.

Auctioneers were Brandon Strain, Bill Creswell and Dwain Peak.