Northmor JOG students hold annual workshop at Camp Mary Orton

July 23, 2014

Northmor Jobs for Ohio Graduates participated in their annual leadership workshop at Camp Mary Orton, in Worthington, in late May.

Twenty-eight students learned to work together through leadership and teamwork activities. The students learned to give each other encouragement and to help reach their goals, no matter what level of training and to promote emotional safety. They learned about the importance of healthy communications and working cooperatively which is important when they become part of the work force after students graduate from high school.

As team members, the students learned to deal with different types of conflicts which included using problem solving and decision making. Students were given the choice between the High Rope or Low Rope Initiative Courses for their leadership workshop.

After the workshop was completed, the camp instructors had them discuss about what they learned that day and what goals did they reach for themselves.