Letter: TEA Party is a philosophy, not political party

July 1, 2014

Dear Editor,

Is the TEA Party Dead? I was asked that question when I was campaigning for a seat on the Republican State Central Committee. There are many people so concerned with raising a family, looking for a job, keeping a job, watching television, or just enjoying the good life that they pay no attention what is happening to our government and in politics. But the answer to the question is: NO, it is alive and well and always will be as long as there are concerned freedom-loving citizens, whether they attend meetings or not. They see us losing our industry, money, and health care. You see, the TEA Party is not a political party! It is values, beliefs, and a philosophy. There is no one leader, just groups all over the nation. These people all over our state and country know this is the greatest nation in the world and see it being destroyed and the Constitution being shredded by corrupt politicians. The TEA Party is people who are tired of seeing their God-given freedoms being taken away and fruits of their labor stolen and wasted by a bloated and tyrannical government. They believe the Constitution was written to PROTECT their God-given rights from just the kind of power-grabbing president, corrupt congress and overreaching Supreme Court that we have today. No matter which of the two main parties is in power, our government grows larger and more tyrannical.

The United States of America is the great experiment, the miracle that changed the world. The world changed little for five thousand years before our founding. Our Founding Fathers were Christian well-educated and well-read men. They studied history and all forms of failed world governments. They came to this country to escape those failed governments. In just one hundred and twenty five years the United States of America became the leader in the world and people from all over the world wanted to come here and become American with a lifestyle better than any other place. Even our poor lived better than most people in the world. Just think about the advancement in the life style and technology we enjoy. What brought this about? FREEDOM!

With all this success there are those that hate this country and our way of life. They want to “fundamentally change” this country. It started at the end of the nineteenth century with followers of Carl Marx’s ideology and the “The Communist Manifesto”, then mix in the racial Muslim religion and you have the attacks we have today to our way of life. I am not sure if those people are just jealous of our country’s success or are angered by their socialist failures. Whatever the reason is, since the start of the twentieth century and the progressive socialist agenda, our freedoms and rights have been eroding away.

In this last year there have been many gains in local, state and federal governments by TEA Party backed candidates. The TEA Party is hated in Washington and by both parties because the TEA Party is the only thing standing in the way of their total socialist control.

Nelson Hack, Mount Gilead