All-league teams announced by Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference

June 17, 2014


All-Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference teams in baseball, softball and track were recently announced by the league.

In baseball, Highland, Northmor and Mount Gilead combined for nine first-team Blue Division players. For the Scots, senior Marcus Chapman and juniors Byron Belcher, Dalton Stambaugh and Jett Swetland all received the nod. They were joined by seniors Zach Carroll and James Donner and sophomore Jake Farley of Northmor and senior Michael Bland and junior Xavier Harris of Mount Gilead.

From the Cardington softball team, junior Khyla Jones, sophomore Sam Brininger and freshman Alyson Adams all were named to the Blue Division’s first team. Also, juniors Hailey Moore and Megan Oder of Highland and sophomore Raygan Walters of Mount Gilead got the first team nod.

For both boys’ and girls’ track, all-league teams were determined by the results of the MOAC meet, with champions being named to the first team.

In girls’ track, senior Taryn Chapman, juniors Rachel Bush and Bryanna Bolha, sophomores Jenna Shipman and Morgan Brooke and freshmen Rebecca Kindred, Olivia Brewer and Makaylee Wyatt all reached the first team Blue Division from Mount Gilead. They were joined by Northmor’s Kyndall Williams.

In boys’ track, seniors Andrew Baer, Alex Blanton and Luke Hutchinson of Mount Gilead were joined by juniors Joseph Elson and Keane Delp, sophomore Deandre Cook and freshmen Jonah Barnett and Austin Hallabrin on the first team. Highland seniors Kyle Minyo and Logan Ebersole and juniors Josh Irvin, Kevin Jones and James Hubbard also were named, as was Northmor’s Jamie Baldridge.

Following are the complete all-conference teams for baseball and softball and the first team mentions in boys’ and girls’ track.

Baseball - Blue Division

First Team: Byron Belcher, Highland, junior; Michael Bland, Mount Gilead, senior; Zach Carroll, Northmor, senior; Marcus Chapman, Highland, senior; James Donner, Northmor, senior; Jake Farley, Northmor, sophomore; Xavier Harris, Mount Gilead, junior; Austin Hathaway, Fredericktown, junior; Kirk Manns, Fredericktown, sophomore; John Rings, Centerburg, junior; Tyler Ruhl, Fredericktown, junior; Dalton Stambaugh, junior; Jett Swetland, Highland, junior.

Second Team: Noah Arrington, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Quinton Bails, Ridgedale, sophomore; Travis Boyd, Cardington, senior; Blake Bramer, Centerburg, sophomore; Monroe Britton, Ridgedale, sophomore; Wyatt Gresh, Highland, sophomore; Trace Hatfield, Fredericktown, freshman; Logan Jones, Fredericktown, junior; Brendan Mapes, Centerburg, junior; Kevin McClain, Fredericktown, junior; Andy Meddings, Ridgedale, senior; Zach Neuman, Northmor, senior; Zachary Sturges, Mount Gilead, junior.

Honorable Mention: Haden Best, Centerburg, senior; Dustin Blanton, Cardington, junior; Tyler Connors, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Daniel Donnor, Northmor, junior; Kole Fisher, Ridgedale, junior; Matt Griffin, Fredericktown, junior; Garret Weikel, Highland, senior.

Baseball - Red Division

First Team: Zach Ary, Jonathan Alder, senior; David Hall, Buckeye Valley, junior; Jacob Spaulding, Buckeye Valley, senior; C.J. Flach, Elgin, senior; Sam Hardin, Elgin, senior; Tanner Gaerke, Jonathan Alder, junior; Trent Katterbach, Jonathan Alder, senior; Riley Hughes, North Union, junior; Scott Foster, Pleasant, senior; Kyle Galyk, Pleasant, junior; Janik Tackett, Pleasant, senior; Colby Carlson, River Valley, senior; Cy Perry, River Valley, senior.

Second Team: Colin Schwartz, Buckeye Valley, senior; Noah Haynes, Elgin, junior; Eric Shere, Fairbanks, junior; Mitchell Eye, Jonathan Alder, junior; Luke Nees, Jonathan Alder, junior; Jacob Blevins, North Union, junior; Shel Collum, North Union, junior; Bryce McDonald, Pleasant, junior; Bryston Williams, Elgin, junior; Jimmy Longo, River Valley, senior; Kyle Mathey, River Valley, senior; Jared Miller, River Valley, senior.

Honorable Mention: Alex Sheehan, Buckeye Valley, junior; Noah Studenmund, Fairbanks, sophomore; Casey Graber, Jonathan Alder, senior; Frank Schimizzi, North Union, senior; Tristen Knight, Pleasant, senior; Cantyn Belmer, Elgin, junior; Alec Branstetter, River Valley, junior.

Softball - Blue Division

First Team: Alyson Adams, Cardington, freshman; Arielle Anderson, Ridgedale, sophomore; Sam Brininger, Cardington, sophomore; Hannah Ferguson, Ridgedale, freshman; Cassidy Frazier, Fredericktown, freshman; Lexy Helfant, Centerburg, senior; Khyla Jones, Cardington, junior; Rachel Kennedy, Fredericktown, freshman; Hailey Moore, Highland, junior; Megan Oder, Highland, junior; Lauren Partington, Fredericktown, freshman; Raygan Walters, Mount Gilead, sophomore.

Second Team: McKenzie Altizer, Centerburg, senior; Madison Bell, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Kirsten Dever, Cardington, senior; Logan Eppich, Centerburg, senior; Lydia Farley, Northmor, freshman; Julie Gable, Fredericktown, junior; Carley Gahm, Highland, junior; Sarah Moodispaugh, Mount Gilead, junior; Sam Sansom, Fredericktown, sophomore; Brooke Snyder, Cardington, junior; Harlee Steck, Highland, freshman; Carli Swisher, Ridgedale, junior.

Honorable Mention: Aubrey Clark, Cardington, junior; Bri Hurlbut, Fredericktown, senior; Bailey Lanigan, Centerburg; Megan Mulvaine, Ridgedale, freshman; Kierston Pangborn, Mount Gilead, senior; Kelsey Reeder, Northmor, junior; Mikayla Robinson, Highland, junior.

First Team Girls’ Track

Blue Division: Rebecca Kindred, Mount Gilead, freshman; Olivia Brewer, Mount Gilead, freshman; Rachel Bush, Mount Gilead, junior; Taryn Chapman, Mount Gilead, senior; Bryanna Bolha, Mount Gilead, junior; Jenna Shipman, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Makaylee Wyatt, Mount Gilead, freshman; Morgan Brooke, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Emily Roberts, Fredericktown, senior; Aspen Snow, Fredericktown, senior; Carolyn Webster, Fredericktown, junior; Ali Frazier, Fredericktown, senior; Katie Ruhl, Fredericktown, senior; Torrie Purdy, Centerburg, junior; Kyndall Williams, Northmor, senior; Courtney Clark, Ridgedale, sophomore.

Red Division: Lydia DePrey, Pleasant, freshman; Aziza Ayoub, Jonathan Alder, freshman; Kamryn Queen, Pleasant, junior; Alexis Kowalczyk, Pleasant, freshman; Emily Ward, Pleasant, senior; Hannah Peltier, Pleasant, sophomore; Sydney Ross, North Union, sophomore; Haley Spriggs, North Union, freshman; Alanis Bowmer, North Union, senior; Sydney Plotner, North Union, junior; Hannah Campbell, River Valley, senior; Ciera Green, Pleasant, sophomore; Jaden Mauk, Pleasant, sophomore; Brooke Edington, Pleasant, freshman; Gabby Burchett, Fairbanks, junior; Kayla Radcliff, River Valley, junior; Raquel Warner, Buckeye Valley, sophomore; Melissa Noel, Jonathan Alder, junior; Jaime North, Jonathan Alder, junior; Jordi Dye, Jonathan Alder, junior; Emily Hilt, Buckeye Valley, sophomore; Savannah Amato, Buckeye Valley, junior; Abbi Davis, Pleasant, senior; Emily Griffith, River Valley, senior.

First Team Boys’ Track

Blue Division: Kyle Minyo, Highland, senior; Jeremy Sesma, Centerburg, junior; Logan Ebersole, Highland, senior; Josh Irvin, Highland, junior; Kevin Jones, Highland, junior; James Hubbard, Highland, junior; Jonah Barnett, Mount Gilead, junior; Deandre Cook, Mount Gilead, sophomore; Andrew Baer, Mount Gilead, senior; Alex Blanton, Mount Gilead, senior; A.J. Clevenger, Fredericktown, freshman; Chris Hoar, Fredericktown, senior; Keaton Snow, Fredericktown, sophomore; Michael Miller, Fredericktown, junior; Austin Hallabrin, Mount Gilead, freshman; Joseph Elson, Mount Gilead, junior; Luke Hutchinson, Mount Gilead, senior; Jamie Baldridge, Northmor, senior; Clayton Schaefer, Centerburg, senior; Keane Delp, Mount Gilead, junior.

Red Division: David Blanton, River Valley, freshman; Kyle Galyk, Pleasant, junior; Tyler Bender, River Valley, junior; Wyatt Uresti, River Valley, senior; Luke Waterman, River Valley, junior; Colin Chapman, River Valley, freshman; Greg Perez, River Valley, freshman; Efren Silva, River Valley, junior; Ethan Douglas, River Valley, senior; Hayden Stofcheck, North Union, senior; Lewis Gleason, North Union, senior; Nate Hammons, North Union, senior; Cole Krawcyzk, North Union, junior; Thane Hoffman, North Union, junior; De Clarke, River Valley, senior; Jack Herbst, Fairbanks, freshman; Colin Chapman, River Valley, freshman; Garrett Schilling, North Union, freshman; Devin Hopkins, River Valley, sophomore; Ben Waterman, River Valley, junior; Sam Nordquist, North Union, senior; Craig Martin, River Valley, junior; Mitchell Soviak, North Union, junior; Eric Bell, River Valley, junior; Evan Main, River Valley, sophomore.

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