First “Family Movie Night” a success for Mount Gilead Public Library, thanks to People’s Fund

By Alberta Stojkovic

June 10, 2014

Parents and library staff agree that the “Opening Night” for Family Movie night was a big success for the Mount Gilead Library. Parents had seats in the back and children could sprawl out with pillows and blankies on the floor to enjoy the Disney movie “Frozen.”

“The children broke out in the “Frozen” song “Let it Go,” when the music started in the middle of the movie,” said mom, Jen Trainer. “It was really neat!”

Trainer said her family made a night of it and enjoyed supper at Grill and Chill restaurant in town and then walked up to see the movie. The popcorn and snacks were a great hit and to have a popular movie like “Frozen” topped it all off. There was something for the whole family to enjoy.

Mount Gilead Library Director, Mike Kirk gave a big thank you to Consolidated Electric’s People’s Fund for their contribution toward the Blue Ray Projector that was used for the movie.

He said their contribution makes the whole program possible.

“We would not have been able to do this without the backing of the People’s Fund from Consolidated Electric,” said Kirk. “The projector, amplifiers and speakers we were able to purchase have great sound and picture.”

Kirk said the library plans to continue the “Family Movie Night” in the fall. Families are asked to register ahead of time because the space in the room allows for about 35 people and it is required that a parent or other adult accompany children. Kirk was pleased that about 24 attended the first showing of “Frozen” and that was with publicity only within the library.

Kirk thanked Library volunteers and staff who helped including: Marilyn Schnippel, Erika Meftah, Dwight Kirk and Sharon Bailey.

“Our goal is to have a free, family oriented show that can be enjoyed by all,” Kirk said. “We look forward to continuing the program in the fall.”