Letter: Getting back to the America we knew

May 6, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam:

Lest folks say that I never have anything positive to say, let me say this: we in America are positively going into the toilet under this President.

In my opinion, we can now spell our country’s name with two letters, “O-Z” and our President believes himself to be the Wizard in that in order for something to become fact, all he has to do is to say it and it is fact. He can bypass Congress and change law, simply by saying it. Even though the ACA was his brain child and Congress did pass it into law, and under ordinary circumstances, Congress would have to make changes to it, but with the WIZ in charge, if parts of it cause concern and make folks question its feasability, he merely says we won’t follow that part of the law and it is forgotten, as if Congress did it.

Then we come to the latest exploits of the WIZ, wherein he, in his great WIZdom, has decided that many folks who were duely charged and convicted of supposedly non-violent crimes involving narcotics should have their sentences commuted, because he, the WIZ, believes they were dealt with unfairly, which will put many miscreants back out on the streets, to cause more mayhem, with our children and others who are easily swayed into addiction, increasing other crimes which may or may not be of a violent nature.

And finally, perhaps he is not responsible for the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington state, I am equally sure that the WIZ personally was happy with those state’s asinine decision to legalize it, because he maintains that POT is no worse than Alcohol. Alcohol, for some folks is disasterous and the liberal mindset such as the WIZ’s does not help matters and him making that public assertion only proves to me he is not only inept, but also a fool. When I see on television how folks are going into those POT shops like they are candy stores, makes me sick, especially when I also see how the DUI accidents, due to pot has increased along with the new findings that smoking POT diminishes memory and orderly brain function, which has been a long known fact. Maybe if enough folks acquire the WIZ’s outlook, the TV Show, “The Walking Dead” will become Reality TV.

I don’t like living in OZ and as soon as we can click our heels together and be back in America, the better off I and America will be. I hope to start my journey back, this coming November and hopefully will complete the journey in November of 2016.

Sincerely, Darl Mills, Mt. Gilead