Letter - Truth in politics

April 29, 2014

Dear Editor,

The statement below appears on a mailing for Republican John Matthews who is running for State Central Committee. Jude Foulk, challenger candidate for the State Central Committee, is also included on the mailing in Marion County.

What does the following statement mean to you?

“Remember when they said you could keep your health plan if you like it? Vote Republicans Matthews & Foulk to Stop Obamacare.”

Do you think that this statement might lead someone to believe that by voting for their opponents, it will prevent the repeal of Obamacare? Would this message be a better one sent to a Democrat challenger in the General election? Keep in mind that their opponents are fellow Republican Party candidates that have stated their positions, but we will talk about that later.

Do you think that the election of these two individuals running for State Central Committee have any power as to whether Obamacare is repealed or not? Do you think that John Matthews will be effective in stopping Obamacare when Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was foisted upon Ohio by John Kasick’s use of the Controlling Board, bypassing the Legislature and the desires of the voters as expressed on State issue 3 where 66% of the people voted against coercion in health-care choices? In the last two years, what has John Matthews done to prevent this from occurring? If he was effec1tive, don’t you thing he would let us know?

It should be noted that the Ohio Republican Party has no platform to hold candidates accountable - for anything. When no platform exists, one is left to state not what they stand for so that there can be a ·meeting of the minds,” but instead some platitude that seeks to appeal to the uninformed voter’s emotions as noted above. Voters need to know a candidate’s position on contentious issues since we all now know what ·change” means. Contrast that with the 1994 ·Contract with America.” Without a platform, there simply cannot be a meeting of the minds.

Do you know what John Matthews and Jude Foulk Stand for? Do you know how they will represent you? Do you know if they are fiscally conservative? Do you know if they are for Common Core which usurps local control of your school system? Without stated positions, you could be voting for “change.”

On the other hand, the current State Central Committee (SCC) incumbent Lisa Cooper is a strong Tea Party conservative that has served one two-year term. Why is the Republican Party endorsing the challenger Jude Foulk against the incumbent? Is it because Ms. Cooper is one of a very few that believes that the SCC should have a platform, or even adopt the National Republican Party platform? Where is this directive coming from? How high does this go? If the Republican Party stands against conservative candidates, and yet provides no indication where they stand, why do they deserve our vote? The support of challengers over conservative incumbents is a clear indication of how far left the Republican Party has gone. It no longer represents conservatives as it appears that conservatives are no longer welcomed in the Republican Party. Although the local Republican Party has said they believe in Tea Party principles and some are members of the local Tea Party, why would they run and support a candidate against Lisa Cooper?

To be clear, the above ad is paid for by The Republican Party, Matt Borges, Chairman. This may not be against the by-laws of the Republican Party, but it certainly is the antithesis of ethical behavior. Lisa chose not to be endorsed by the Party because she didn’t think it was right for them to use their funds against other party members who are running for office.

The direction of Ohio and America is at a crossroad, and it will only return to the moral, ethical values of our founding fathers when progressives are not in power, when people are permitted to be responsible and ‘win at any cost” is not a political mandate.

From a Concerned Conservative Republican,

Bill Snyder Green Camp, OH