Library volunteers honored

By Evelyn Long

April 22, 2014

Twenty two volunteers with the Cardington Public Library were honored when the library’s annual Volunteer Cupcake Reception was held.

Included among these volunteers were two staff and the six board members. Each of them received a new Library Tote.

The volunteers served a total of more than 300 hours of services and these include cleaning, shelf reading, decorating, book covering and working the circulation desk.

The two staff members, Mary Lou Dowalter and Linda Harvey, also serve as volunteers, Dowalter being a tasteful and creative decorator and Harvey, an excellent shelf reader.

Among the volunteers are two couples, Bob and Hazel Miller and Don and Linda Harvey, often volunteering together.

Pat McAvoy and Barbara Cowles are weekly volunteers, covering new materials coming out of processing. McAvoy is also a trustee.

Two teen volunteers are Tiana Wilson and Kiara Skaggs.

The three top volunteers, McAvoy, Jean Smith and Chaise Mosher, were awarded with planters and totes. Mosher is a student at Indiana Wesleyan University and volunteered each week all summer.

Adrienne Robinson, having completed her term on the trustee roster, was given a framed print of the library with a gold name plate in appreciation of her service.

Volunteers recognized included Gina Brewer, Barbara Cowles, Mary Lou Dowalter, Don and Linda Harvey, Neva Heacock, Cody Holladay, Patty McAvoy, Clara McClenathan, Bob and Hazel Miller, Sally Millisor, Chaise Mosher, Kiara Skaggs, Jean Smith and Tiana Wilson.

Trustees are Athena Abraham, Scott Bowman, Monty Maceyko, Patricia McAvoy, Caitlin Petrie and T. Mills Poorman. Robinson’s position has been filled with the appointment of Katie Porteus.

Organizing the Cup Cake reception were Lisa Murray, the library’s director and staff member Darla Ellyson.

The library staff expressed their appreciation for the great work these people do on behalf of the library.