Letter: Early intervention makes all the difference

April 15, 2014

To the Editor,

Early Intervention is a nationwide program for at risk infants and toddlers which provides services designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of children with disabilities or developmental delays. Research shows that if infants or toddlers with delays or disabilities receive therapy, services and supports early in life, that child may not need further assistance by the time they enter school.

Sounds like a valuable program, doesn’t it? Do you know that Morrow County currently has no Early Intervention program for our young children? How would you feel if you had a new baby or grandchild, and the doctors told you that this baby had a disability and therapy services could help your child? Your health insurance may pay a portion of these services, but it will still cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, just because there is no local Early Intervention program.

I care about these babies and hope you do too. I strongly urge you to vote YES for the Whetstone levy, which will bring these needed Early Intervention services back for the yoing children of Morrow County.

Kathy Winters, Marengo