Countywide Town Hall Meeting to be held over EMS issue

From John R. Yust, FSE, Public Safety Representative

April 8, 2014

A Morrow County-wide Town Hall Meeting will be held April 15 to address the controversy over the Morrow County 911 and EMS Systems and personnel and enlighten the Morrow County community of impending consequences of proposed changes in the 911 and EMS Systems.

The meeting, scheduled to start at 7:00 pm in the Mount Gilead High School auditorium in Mount Gilead, is for “ALL” Morrow County residents only. Non-residents of Morrow County will be excused from this meeting in the event of seating limitations, or at the desecration of the Orator and/or Law Enforcement officials, excluding news reporters whose place of employment is Morrow County. ALL non-county residence will be requested to identify themselves before entry into the facility for seating, if available.

The meeting will open with prayer; the Pledge of Allegiance to our Country’s Flag; Introduction by Orator; a PowerPoint slide presentation introducing the Public Safety Services of Morrow County and their duties; how these services are inter-locked as one finely tuned and regulated instrument of public safety; presenting in a non-partisan form the misinformation, myths, rumors and vindictive propaganda being delivered to the public; and the TRUTHs and FACTs of otherwise misrepresented issues being publicly displayed and communicated by Morrow County governmental authority and their resources in regards to the Public Safety Agencies serving our communities. This will be followed by discussion of the “unknown factor(s)” that may affect our communities if these services are interrupted.

At the conclusion of the presentation, and in the interest of time for all, there will be an open question and answer session for Morrow Countians only; individuals that may ask a question must state their full name, residing address and state their place of employment. The presentation of any and all questions and answers are limited to three (3) minutes. Only one (1) question per attendee will be recognized. All attendees are encouraged to bring pencil and paper for note-taking in order to disseminate which one (1) question attendee will ask.

Further, this Town Hall Meeting will be conducted in the spirit in which it is intended. There will be total and unquestionable respect for all of those in attendance. All appointed and elected officials will be given the respect in which their individual office is entitled; anything less will not be tolerated. There will be no tolerance for disrespectful attitude nor demeanor during this session. The Orator and/or Law Enforcement Officials present may, at their own discretion, request any individual(s) to leave the meeting and property for any reason when there may be a question as to inciting disorder, disrespect, and/or discord to this meeting where by undermining the intent hereof is intended.