Semi spills fuel in Wednesday morning accident

March 12, 2014

A Wednesday morning accident on Interstate 71 caused a fuel spill but no injuries.

A north bound tractor trailer driven by Vadin Racu and belonging to V L Express out of Chicago, Illinois traveled off the right side of the roadway of I-71 at the 144 mile marker turning over onto its side coming to rest at the bottom of a slope.

Emergency Management Director Joe Edwards reports the trailer was not carrying any hazardous material, the driver was not injured, and the right fuel saddle tank ruptured, spilling 50 to 75 gallons of diesel fuel onto the ground. Fuel flowed into a drainage ditch which drains into Miles Creek.

Big Walnut Fire Department personnel placed several diking booms and absorbent pads on the ground and water surface in an attempt to contain the spill. Porter-Kingston Fire Department personnel also responded to the scene.

It is suspected that the driver may have fallen asleep, which was the cause of the accident.

The Ohio State Patrol processed the accident scene, the Emergency Management Agency worked with Ohio EPA to make sure the spiller cleaned up the spill site.