Attention Morrow County Churches

From the Editor

February 4, 2014

Do you see the heading on this page? It says “Religion,” and this page is what is called a ‘dedicated’ page of the paper: earmarked for church news. Just like the School page or Clubs page, it is a venue for a certain category, namely, church news, activities, pastors’ columns and announcements.

Now look around the edge of the page. There are well over 80 church listings on this page, targeted for Morrow County readers. Do you know how many of these churches we get news submitted by to use in the paper? Probably the same dozen or so all year.

This page is not being fully utilized by the county churches. When you see columns from people you’ve never heard of fill this box, you know I received nothing local to use and had to resort to the Internet to find something. What a shame! I KNOW there are events and activities going on in churches in this county. THIS IS THE PAGE YOU COULD BE USING TO TELL EVERYONE about what’s coming up at your church; you have a new pastor; you’re honoring a retiring pastor; your youth group raised funds for charity; a special singing group or speaker is coming and everyone is invited; your pastor has a special sermon he’d like to offer for publication; etc.

It’s SO easy to give us news! You can email photos and information to, you can drop by our office at 46 S. Main Street in Mt. Gilead between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday, or you can call the editor at 419-946-3010 ext. 203 to tell us about it or ask questions. If too much information is received for one edition, items are choices by their event deadlines (what will expire first, runs first). If you submit your news by 3 p.m. Monday, it can make it in that week’s paper (we go to press Tuesday morning).

Folks, this is the only newspaper in Morrow County - and it’s YOUR newspaper… USE IT to your advantage. What goes in the paper (and even what doesn’t make it) goes up on our website, too. Go to, choose the category ‘News’ on the black menu bar, then scroll down to ‘Church.’

I would MUCH rather use local content on this page than search for syndicated columns to fill space.