Letter - New dog shelter worth the cost

February 4, 2014

Dear Editor,

I’ve noticed the last few weeks, letters to the editor referencing concern for the animals at the dog pound.

It’s sad that a circumstance such as the flooding in that area [again] is the only time attention is given to the problem. I must however applaud those that expressed their feelings and suggestions in solving that condition.

Suggestions and ideas can only become reality from cooperation and thoughtfulness of those who really care.

Tax money is taken from us to care for alcoholics, drug heads, derelicts and anyone looking for a free ride, yet very little is allocated for the defense of animals.

These people had a choice in life and decided to do nothing, contribute nothing to society and just wait for their monthly check.

Animals don’t have the luxury of choice.

A new property and building goal may never be achieved but an existing property suitable for dog pound\humane society may be an alternative worth exploring. Combining the two would allow for one heating, cooling, electric and water billing and give each program a chance to share ideas and case load.

Again, no goal can be reached without caring and team work. That team can be any and all that’s willing to give up one night of dining out, one new shirt, one new pair of shoes, etc. and donate that cost to these programs.

I’ve inquired and been advised, all donations can only be used for purpose intended. Unlike the above mentioned taxes, it’s worth the effort.

For the animals’ sake, be a friend if you can.

Hollis Eastep, Mt. Gilead