Highland to compete in Junior Achievement Titan Challenge

February 4, 2014

AKRON, Ohio—Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio will be holding its annual JA Titan Challenge at the University of Akron’s Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing. Highland High School in Sparta will be participating in the Friday, March 21 competition.

The JA Titan program is an interactive online business simulation that offers a unique way for young people to learn what it takes to compete in the marketplace and to run a successful business. Teams representing area high schools will be competing for the chance to win scholarships and will consist of three student participants under the guidance of a local business mentor.

JA students will spend the day using Junior Achievement’s Titan simulation program to make key decisions while managing and operating their own virtual business. The success or failure of the student-run businesses will be based on how well teams manage key decisions such as setting prices, filling production requests, establishing a marketing plan and investing in research and development.

Teams are challenged to outperform the competition in profit, sales and market share while developing critical 21st-century skills that range from team work and decision-making to problem-solving and critical thinking. Members of the top three performing teams will receive scholarships for post-secondary education in the amounts of $1,300, $300 and $150 respectively.

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring or mentoring a team in this competition are encouraged to contact Amanda Overton at (330) 434-1875 ext. 15 or A free public version of Titan can be accessed online by visiting