Bennington Glen introduces new specialized treatment programs

January 7, 2014

Marengo, OH – Bennington Glen, a local skilled nursing facility, announced the introduction of an important new program developed to provide effective treatment options for several prevalent geriatric health conditions. The new program will include treatment for Wounds, Fall Prevention, Pain Management, Bladder Control, Contractures, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Stroke Recovery, Shingles, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neuromuscular conditions such as Parkinson’s.

These conservative treatment programs were developed specifically for the complex needs of aging adults using non-invasive, medication-free therapies. The programs utilize specialized therapeutic equipment that has been used effectively with the elderly for over a decade, and among professional athletes for nearly 30 years to accelerate recovery following injury.

“Providing great patient care is the guiding principle for all that we do,” said Jim Deel, Administrator at Bennington Glen. “Our new specialized treatment programs are intended to help residents with prevalent geriatric conditions preserve their independence, dignity, and quality-of-life for as long as possible.”

“By decreasing pain, inflammation and edema, our state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment can increase patient comfort for other rehabilitation techniques, said Elise Dew, Therapy Program Manager at Bennington Glen. “They can also help therapists treat more complex conditions, increase strength, accelerate recovery and improve neuromuscular control in patients with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses.”

“We want the community and our area medical professionals to know we are committed to quality care and progressive therapy techniques” said Deel. “Our therapy team is really excited about these new programs. We’re convinced it is going to make a difference in the lives of our residents and their families.”

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