Here we go again

By Donna Carver and Randa Wagner

December 22, 2013

What was supposed to be the first day of winter Saturday felt more like Spring as rain, high winds and thunderstorms battered Morrow and surrounding counties most of the weekend.

Had the ground in north central Ohio not already experienced several inches of snow melt, the resulting flood warnings and their aftermath would not have occurred. The rain started Friday evening and continued on and off into Sunday, sometimes with heavy downpours, not to mention Saturday night’s thunderstorm with 50 mph winds.

Creeks and rivers spilled over their banks, farmland flooded and trees and lines came down. Some time around midnight Saturday a large tree fell onto an electric pole on N. Main St Mt Gilead North of Park Avenue, causing electric service to be out for a number of residents on N. Main Street until nearly noon on Sunday.

Fourth Street of off Williams street in Cardington had to be closed due to flooding.

The Morrow County Dog shelter experienced flooding again, however, this time there was enough advanced notice for the dogs to be evacuated prior to the storm. 24 Dogs were in the shelter when the notice for possible flooding was announced Friday evening. The staff got to work immediately to have the dogs moved to safety.

Staff and volunteers moved cages from the shelter to the Show Arena on the Morrow County Fairgrounds in preparation for evacuating the dogs. They were able to move items in the office and in the shelter to areas where they would not be damaged by flooding.

On Saturday the staff and volunteers moved the dogs to the show arena. Several of the dogs were adopted out and moved prior to the flooding. The remaining dogs were sent to rescues and other dog shelters.

Commissioner Tom Harden surveyed the flooding Sunday morning.

“The commissioners want to thank the staff and all the volunteers who stepped up to help remove the remaining dogs to safety,” he said. “Without your help the process would have been a lot slower.”

In reference to the number of volunteers that cam to help Harden said, “This is the reason I love Morrow County. Whenever we have an emergency, people step up.”

Harden shared the the commissioners are very concerned about the shelter and are looking at ways to help. The biggest issue is funding. Donations can be made to the Morrow County Dog Shelter Building fund.