What happens to unvested military retirement benefits in a divorce?

Do unvested military retirement benefits count as assets to be considered in a divorce? That’s the question that came before us – the Ohio Supreme Court – in the divorce case of Christen and Sean Daniel.Christen and Sean were married in 1995. They had three children, who were aged 13, 11, and 7 at the time of the divorce. During the marriage, Sean and Christen separated on two occasions – from fall 2004 until December 2005, and from January 2008 through the ...

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Johnsville Fire levy stats

To the Editor,I am writing this letter which is about the upcoming levy of the Johnsville Fire Department.As a retired fireman in which I helped start the Department and spent 22 years as officer, and the last eight years as chief, I am concerned as to how our tax dollars are being spent.Before I retired, we were fortunate enough to buy the property beside it with the residential house on it for $85,000 so we could build a new department on it...

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Tri-Rivers deserves your vote

Mt. Gilead Mayor, Mike Porter;Tri-Rivers Career Center has been a solid part of Central Ohio’s education working with students from nine high schools, as well as offering many adult programs.My daughter received her LPN degree through their adult program and is currently working in the Tri-Rivers LPN to RN program. These options can get a student into the work force more quickly.Many changes have taken place over the years in course offerings to make sur...

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Vote for Pioneer levy

Dear Editor:The Ohio School Boards Association strongly encourages voters to support Pioneer Career & Technology Center’s replacement levy on the Nov. 4 ballot. The 1.7-mill levy, which would replace two levies passed in the 1970s, would cost the owner of a home assessed at $100,000 just $2.51 a month.

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Vandalism at Maxwell Park

Dear Editor:My husband and I enjoy Maxwell Park. Today we went to the park. We like to sit on the bench by the river trail. We discovered that the bench is now IN the river. We then went on to sit at the picnic table donated by a friend of the park. We found the table in pieces! No longer can we enjoy the reflections by the river or look out over the pasture land. We are very sad at this vandalism.Linda Harvey, Cardington

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Quotes of the week

To the Editor,Quote of the Week #1:“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”Quote of the Week #2:“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”Warren Davis, N. Bloomfield Twp.

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Using clean energy

Dear Editor,Dan Weber is at it again, using loaded terms to mislead Americans about government regulations in his editorial of Oct. 15, 2014. Let us remember that his group, AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens), is funded by oil magnates, NRA, the Koch Brothers, and others not particularly interested in the health and well being of “mature” Americans. Weber’s aim is to convince us that letting fossil fuel companies pollute at will is in ...

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Stop the Islamic ideology being spread in U.S.

To the Editor,I would guess that most of the time I am preaching to the choir or, worse, preaching to a group that know something is wrong but plug their ears and would rather ignore it. I truly believe politically correctness will kill us (U.S.). Examples of political correctness: Handicapped - replaced by physically challenged or handicapable; foreign food - Replaced by ethnic cuisine; Secretary - replaced by administrative assistant; and Natural Disaster - repla...

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Beware when choosing roofer

Dear Editor,After being ripped off by a LOCAL ROOFER, I want to warn people to be very careful who they hire to do any kind of work they have to hire done. Get GOOD references.Also, do not have roofers lay shingles in cold weather. I had a leak in December. The roofer could and should have patched the roof. Instead, he redid the WHOLE ROOF. These shingles did not seal, so I was left with a roof of shingles one roofer could pick up with one finger.

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Hunters have successful muzzleloader season

Ohio’s muzzleloader hunters checked 6,613 antlerless white-tailed deer during a two-day season, Oct. 11-12, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. That is an 18 percent increase from 2013, when hunters checked 5,608 deer, the first year for the antlerless muzzleloader season. The Ohio counties that reported the most checked deer during the 2014 antlerless-only muzzleloader season: Ashtabula (228), Columbiana (180), Coshocton (177), Licking (164), Tuscarawas (151), Guerns...

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Goodbye, Mr. Garry

Last Monday was a surreal day. Weird things happened: the ebola threat grew greater, the Wyandot County prosecutor ended his life, Commissioner Harden was back in the hospital, and our county treasurer died quite unexpectedly.Tim Garry… veteran, father, husband, retired C.P.A., newspaper publisher, and then county treasurer. Love him or not, he was a force to be reckoned with. I used to work for him and sometimes he made me crazy, but I really learned alot from him.

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Singer endorses Pioneer levy

To whom it may concern:I am writing this letter in support of the levy for Pioneer Career and Technology Center. As a 1998 graduate, I am grateful for this educational experience. While attending Pioneer not only was I trained in a technical skill of information processing, but most importantly, received business acumen development that I would not have had in a traditional classroom setting. I attribute my successful completion of my degree at The University of Ak...

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Kimmel supports levy for PCTC

To the Editor,What has Pioneer Career and Technology Center done for me? It helped me focus on a career choice and get a jump start on a career that I love.

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Youngs endorse Pioneer levy

Letter to the Editor,Why is Pioneer Career and Technology Center such a great school? It provides the opportunity for any student to succeed. Pioneer has programs for students who don’t necessarily wish to attend college to learn important job skills needed in our workforce and allows them to be successful in life with the knowledge and skills obtained from programs offered by Pioneer.

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Pioneer Alumni support PCTC levy

To the community,Beckie Stacklin moved the adoption of the following:RESOLUTION OF SUPPORT OF THE PIONEER CAREER AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER Replacement Levy to combine two existing .85 mill levies to 1.70 mills

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