Waterfowl hunting zones have been simplified

Ohio’s waterfowl hunting zones were simplified for waterfowl hunters after the 2014-2015 season dates and bag limits were approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council on Wednesday, Aug. 20. The South Zone, North Zone and Lake Erie Marsh Zone remain the same for waterfowl hunting, but the Lake Erie Goose Zone that previously covered much of northeast Ohio was removed. Also new this year, the canvasback daily bag limit was reduced to one.Opening day for duck and goose hunting is Satur...

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Appreication for support

To the community,We would like to express our appreciation to all who have prayed, called, sent cards, food, monetary gifts, the whiffleball tournament, the July 4 party, the golfing outing, the poker run, and just for being there for all of us as we pray for Glenn Buck as he heals from pancreatic cancer.Sincerely,The Buck Family

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President is playing a role

Dear Sir or Madam:If anyone had concerns as to whether or not our President was disconnected from what was happening in the World and to America, those concerns were answered this past week.When it was made public that I.S.I.S. had beheaded an American Journalist, the Prime Minister of Great Britain cut his vacation short and returned to London. On the other hand, when told about the beheading, our illustrious leader (?) took a few hours out of his busy ...

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Thought of the Week

Dear Editor:Thought of the Week: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford.Warren Davis, write-in candidate for Morrow County Commissioner

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Thank you from the Steck family

Dear Friends,As I sat down to write this note to the editor I realized I didn’t even know who to address it to because there would be NO way that I could ever address it to everyone. With that in mind I decided on ‘Dear Friends,’Our lives were forever changed on July 27, 2014 when we received a phone call saying our son, Ryder Steck, had been involved in a car crash and was being taken to Grant Hospital in Columbus. Ryder passed away on...

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EMS issue and its controversy

Dear Editor:I would like to take this moment to share some personal thoughts in regard to the recent headline stories of the Sentinel regarding the Morrow County EMS contract.

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Pioneer means jobs

To the community,What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Pioneer Career and Technology Center? School? Training? Jobs? We hope it is “Jobs”! For over 46 years, Pioneer Career and Technology Center has been a key player in economic vitality in your community by training students with valuable skills for the jobs in our area. Over 18,000 graduates have learned their skills from experts in their field through hands on training. That...

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‘Thank you’ to community

To the community,FAITH SEES THE INVISIBLE, BELIEVES THE INCREDIBLE AND RECEIVES THE IMPOSSIBLE.My heartfelt thanks go to all that attended the choir concert and or the ice cream social on July 27,2014. Thank you so much to all that donated to the newly formed “Helping Hands Fund” and to those that were instrumental in helping to set up this fund to help those with special needs. You have given so graciously with hearts and souls. Your generos...

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(No heading)

Letter to the Editor,Last week an article was run about The Friends of the Mt. Gilead State Park. The article was cut in a fashion that didn’t truly reflect what I had to say about the Park and the many volunteers working behind the scenes to make it all so wonderful for our patrons and community. It left out the dedication of those volunteers that work without compensation every breakfast and every festival and nature program.

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Farmers’ Market issue

Dear Editor,This letter is in response to the defamatory letter written in regards to the “Farmers Market” in Mt Gilead printed Weds. July 30, 2014.I am a vendor at the Market on Saturdays from 9-12 as well as my young daughter. My daughter sells her art there that she spends considerable time creating as well as gets up very early on a Saturday to set up her booth/display by 9 am. That’s quite impressive these days for a 13 year old....

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Response to letter about Budweiser sign

Dear Mr. William Bowman,This is in response to your letter to the editor of our town Sentinel. “When one sees the sign “Farmers Market” you would think of the bountiful produce being offered for sale that the farmers produce.”This is in fact what you will see here in Mt. Gilead, and more! Each week we have our supportive community come to our Farmers Market to pick up some produce, fresh baked goods, gluten free items, honey, mapl...

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(No heading)

Dear Sir or Madam:Has the President and his minions completely lost their minds?Our schools are falling apart. Our highway and bridges are deteriorating to the point where they are becoming unsafe. There are still thousands of Americans out of jobs and none to be found in the foreseeable future. The median annual income of the American Family has gone down several thousand dollars. Our deficit is trillions (with a T) higher than it was when he came into ...

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